Our activities

Ravago offers local intimacy combined with global scale to all our partners. We provide local access to our extensive customer network while benefiting from the Ravago Group’s scale through its activities, market knowledge, excellent infrastructure in logistics, and support for service activities.


Thanks to a broad customer base worldwide and dedicated local sales offices, Ravago offers a pan-regional distribution capability and technical support. Ravago’s distribution activity is a service-oriented business focused on adding value to our partners throughout the project. This value can take many forms, from supply chain solutions to market-leading technical support. Our business focuses on helping our partners and clients excel in their industries.

We are a one-stop model covering the most comprehensive portfolio of commodities and engineering thermoplastics, color masterbatches and additives, custom compounds and eco-friendly bioplastics, high-quality specialty chemical additives and life sciences, and thermal and sound insulation.

Our expertise allows us to collaborate with clients through the entire lifecycle of a project.

Ravago builds loyal relationships with industry-leading producers. We pride ourselves on investing in local, well-trained sales representatives, sales engineers, and internal salespeople, ensuring comprehensive technical support on a local level, from design to final production.



Within our manufacturing activities, we are experienced in a range of manufacturing expertise covering different disciplines.

Activities - Recycling & Compounding

Recycling & Compounding
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We are a global producer of high-quality plastic compounds, including polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, rubbers, and engineering plastics. We offer virgin and recycled products in many polymer types and provide solutions for a wide range of markets, including mobility, consumer goods, building and construction, packaging, and electronics.

We have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in recycling and compounding techniques over the last 60 years and are continuously expanding our portfolio and capabilities. We can process plastics containing post-industrial recycled (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials at scale to produce compounds that support our customers in lowering the environmental footprint of their products.

With our range of manufacturing and laboratory facilities, we can work together with our customers to find solutions to their most challenging application requirements. This includes developing tailor-made formulations to meet specific color and performance requirements. We can also offer product design recommendations and advice on designing for recycling.

Toll compounding services from our contract manufacturing division give resin producers and distributors the ability to offer specialty compounds and masterbatches branded with their label, enhancing their capacity and product line without expansion costs.

Activities - Building Materials
Building materials
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Our manufacturing facilities for building materials produce our insulation, waterproofing, dry construction, and foil & packaging.

Ravago is the leading manufacturer in Europe of XPS insulation materials. We produce Ravatherm XPS insulation products using the latest technology in extrusion in our nine manufacturing sites across Europe. We offer a comprehensive portfolio in several thicknesses, surfaces, and compressive strengths to meet the most stringent requirements of buildings and the customized needs of industrial customers. In addition, we produce Ravatherm mineral wool in our three manufacturing sites across Europe, offering a stonewool portfolio meeting the requirements for heat, sound, and fire insulation and a ceramic fiber portfolio tailored toward high-temperature industrial applications such as furnaces, boilers, chimneys, turbines, reactors, etc.

We produce elastomeric, plastomeric, and specialty bituminous membranes along with new generation single layer proof systems under the Ravaproof brand in our production site in Turkey with two production lines and a fully equipped laboratory. In addition, our production facility in Greece produces a wide range of bitumen and acrylic-based liquid waterproofing products.

Ravago is the leading manufacturer in Greece with a full range of metal profiles and accessories for dry construction solutions. They can be found in access panels, aluminum doors, window frames, and accessories (hangers, brackets, and connectors).

In addition, we manufacture a range of LDPE and LLDPE flexible foil and packaging products mainly offered in Benelux, France, and Germany. We are a reliable production partner with mono- or co-extrusion capabilities (unique colors, prints, additions).

Activities - Styrenics

We produce EPS (Expandable Polystyrene), and for captive use GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene), and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), the raw material beads used in the construction and packaging industries over a wide range of end applications.

Our grades are well known for insulation, protection, and packaging.

Insulation. Our building and construction products keep our houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving us energy while offering excellent thermal conductivity levels.

Protection. We protect several of the products you use in your everyday life. Our beads have excellent shock absorption properties, so they are used in packaging your TVs, refrigerators, and laptops. Still, most importantly, they can also protect us using various products like safety helmets. Packaging. Whether that is fish boxes, vegetables, fruit, meat trays, or even vaccine packaging, our packaging styrenics grades keep our goods and products fresh and safe.

Our manufacturing teams
Our manufacturing divisions provide value-added service with our production and lab facilities, in-house expertise, and continuous focus on safety and reliability. Therefore, we can develop and deliver specific formulations and solutions for our valued customers. We are a flexible organization and value operational discretion and human modesty. Our technically trained sales force has long-term experience. With our comprehensive product portfolio and excellent supplier relations, we strive to be a solution provider for the technical issues you may encounter.



Resale is our global commercial platform that uses market intelligence to respond to the fast-moving dynamics of both global and local markets. Ravago Resale provides added value to suppliers and customers worldwide through our international offices in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.

We provide superior logistics services with various bulk, debagging, blending, and repacking facilities in different regions. The skills and market knowledge of the Ravago Resale team, combined with its focus on long-term relationships, make the resale business genuinely unique in the industry.