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Ravago prevents the dispersion of microplastics with Operation Clean Sweep®

The dispersion of plastic in the environment is a problem that the chemical industry is addressing with awareness-raising actions and initiatives, measured and implemented over time, which involve concrete commitments by the companies involved in the value chain.

Ravago has also faced this challenge which has taken on global dimensions, joining a series of initiatives in the associative field, including Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) & OCS Blue.
Operation Clean Sweep® is an international voluntary program, promoted by Plastics Europe and ACC, which identifies guidelines to contain the dispersion of plastic pellets in the environment, at each stage of the value chain. To overcome this problem, identified as a source of microplastic pollution in the seas, producers, processors and distributors of plastics, logistics and recycling companies share the common goal of Zero Pellet Loss (ZPL).

Ravago wanted to engage in this area and signed, together with other, the OCS Company Pledge, an act that provides for the disclosure of the program principles at all company levels, to partners / contractors, the commercial network and its stakeholders.

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