WMS process engineer

Purpose of the role

Are you familiar with warehousing processes and warehouse management systems (WMS)? Would you like to work in an international setting? Within the Ravago Group, we started a strategic initiative – Apollo – to drive simplification and standardization on our end-to-end operations from how we sell our products up to how we procure our goods. Interested to shape the Supply Chain future of Ravago? Do not delay, react today!


  • You have a master’s degree in process, (business) engineering, quality or economics or you have a bachelor’s degree with a few years of relevant experience
  • You have an affinity for logistics and supply chain
  • You are a real problem solver and have an analytical mindset
  • Project management is part of your organizational skillset
  • You have good communications and persuasive skills
  • You like to understand how ERP systems work in the N°1 distribution partner for polymers, rubbers and chemicals
  • You are experienced in using and implementing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Principal responsibilities

As a WMS Process Engineer you are the linking pin between the warehouse operations and the WMS developers. You will help decide which physical warehouse processes need to be supported through the WMS and which can be executed without the help of the WMS. Next to this, you will be the sparring partner of the WMS developers in the sense of how these processes should be supported via the WMS. What will work on the warehouse floor, and what not in the most efficient way possible.

In general:

  • Understand current warehouse processes
  • Be responsible for designing, optimizing and implementing warehouse management processes
  • Proactively improve existing standards
  • Coordinate with other process owners and engineers to ensure your decisions match the overall end-to-end process changes
  • Decide on how warehouse processes can be supported by the right systems and tools in close collaboration with the executive team
  • Compare the business processes to the industry standard best practices to facilitate discussions with the development team

More specifically:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of warehouse processes in at least three different warehouse operations.
  • Capable to translate a physical processes into visual process flows.
  • Capable to communicate both with warehouse operators and WMS programmers.
  • Capable to understand the implication of WMS development decisions on how these will translate onto the warehouse operations.
  • Great communication skills to help steer the WMS solution in such a way that it supports and benefits the efficiency of the warehouse operations.
  • Capable to oversee the implication of detailed decisions onto the WMS solution as a whole.

Location: Arendonk | Published: 25 Oct 2022 | Vacancy ID: 1199227